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Default Re: Todd Sucherman here!


Thanks. I don't need anything big and expensive----just hoping to break even, baby!


Wow, thanks for the compliments! I'm really happy that the MD interview was enough for you to plunk down your hard earned cash on the dvd. I'm quite flattered! I hope you continue to enjoy it and add some new concepts to your playing and thinking. Thanks again, man.

That Guy--

It was a good night. Over 10 thousand people, I overheard. I just had a few personal guests after the show and didn't run into any folks from here that night. Sorry you missed it.

intheruff and trkdrmr---let's keep things nice here...and not argue about what we feel correct pricing should be! Let's not let an argument erupt here.

Off to San Jose at one million o'clock in the morning for my last clinic of the year....and I'm off for a month!

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