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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
There was a petition on over a year ago for the same thing, it stalled at about 20,000 signatures. Then again, there wasn't a TON of press about Al at that particular time!

I doubt a petition like that would have an effect on network, sponsor, or NFL decisions.
I agree Mr. Schwartz, I don't think the NFL is listening to a petition to find their feature for halftime, maybe they can work you in as an opener or ender or something like what they did with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. I remember as a kid listening to "Living with a Hernia" and "Like a Surgeon" with my friends in our tree house. Weird Al has been around a long time and is in the heart of a lot of the NFL's target audience.
"Trapped at the Superbowl" a parady of "Trapped in the drivethru"?
I'd love to hear "Sports Song" at the Superbowl.
The petition won't do it alone, but it might help. Its up to 58k signatures now.
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