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Default Re: Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz here!

Thanks, this was a fun album both to play, and program. Sports Song is all me, a 10x14" Ludwig clear maple marching snare (c1971?) double tracked, a 14x26" Legacy kick fairly wide open and played with a proper mallet, also double tracked, and 2 pair of Sabian marching cymbals (I knew they'd come in handy if I held onto them long enough!)

I gave the sound a little more thought than usual, and suggested miking the drums from across the room, since people hearing a marching band are far away from the instruments, not close up. That extra bit of "air" made a difference and really contributed to the old school drum sound.

Lots of fun recording that, although I later had to actually march, try to remember the exact parts I played, and sing! I hadn't marched in 40 years, never used a modern harness with modern, heavy snare, and I don't sing! It was a hard video shoot for me! That one debuts Friday morning at 8am PT on, check it out and see how I did!


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