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Default Re: Shot down by Mapex :(

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I love Pearl drums. If I didn't love Ludwig more, I'd play Pearl, in a heartbeat. I've owned both Pearl and Mapex, and I can honestly say - and I'm not trying to pick a fight here - that Pearl wins in every category. Quality (perfect), looks (sexy), attention to detail (unmatched), and sound (excellent!) My Reference drums were a very close second to the Classic Maples I play now, in personal preference. If Ref. Pure had been around when I was looking at Pearl, I might never have gone back to Ludwig.

I mean this, sticksy. I'm not nearly as passionate on the brands and gear side of things, as you are, so it's just not as important to me (especially these days.) I don't have an interest in bashing or promoting any particular brand, in earnest. It's too bad Mapex won't build you a custom drum. Pearl will build you any ridonkulous, crazy-ass drum you can think up...and slap on 20 different finishes, in a leopard stripe pattern, if you so desire. Of'll cost ya.
Pearl make great drums, just like Mapex, DW, Ludwig, especially now that they updated their stands finally, along with many other companies. You can't rate them as one being better than the other, with any factual measurement. It is all very personal. Nobody makes a drum with birch/walnut, or maple/walnut that sounds like my Saturn's. That is factual. I really didn't care who made them when I found them. All I cared about was that they sounded better than anything else to me.
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