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Default Re: Shot down by Mapex :(

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I wasn't using your misfortune to make a point, I was simply replying to Richard.J's post when he said every drum company is all about the $.

I'm genuinely saddened by your experience, because most of us know how it feels when your efforts are not appreciated. I'd still consider bypassing the distributor & petitioning Mapex directly. & yes, a link to this thread, a few more on this forum, & your own site would paint a picture. If, after viewing all that, & they have the ability to make your drum, they come back & refuse to cooperate, even at a premuim, then you know how you're thought of.

On the harsh reality side of the discussion, if you're buying into a product that's banged out by the 1,000's, no matter how well made it is, you can't expect to receive the same accomodation as you would from a more bespoke focussed operation. Mapex kits are good value for money, & part of the reason why is down to volume batch manufacture. You have to accept that fact. Indeed the answer may be even more simple than that. Maybe they bought a job lot of ply sheet, decided to make a limited run from it, & they've run out of raw material. Just a thought.
They have lots of material. They just introduced four new colours in the same limited edition set. I am sure they still have lots of sparkle paint and lacquer left as well. :) Big company, small person. Like I said, 3 years ago, this would not of been a problem with them. They are getting bigger, and I am getting smaller. That was a good saying. I think I will write that down. :)
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