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Default Re: Its official, Dave Lombardo is with Ludwig.

Originally Posted by Too Many Songs View Post
You've found me out... True there isn't a great deal of thrash metal in my record collection : - ).

But here's a semi-serious point. Part of the reason why I don't go out and buy thrash metal (I should - there is some amazing technical mastery on display by drummers and other musicians) is that I can't get past the aggressive and macho image. It implicitly at least advocates violence and misanthropy. It isn't just metal of course - if anything contemporary rap artists are worse in that misogyny and homophobia are often added to the brand. I would never buy a record (and thereby add some minor level of support) to an artist who described women as 'hoes' or 'bitches' or advocated killing gays. I'm too sensitive I'm sure and shouldn't take all this at all seriously. Feel free to flame.

I might start a thread on this if I can be bothered. Which I probably can't.
I was going to reply to this about how not all metal is like this... But after a quick scan through my iPod I only came up with 1, maybe 2 examples, so nevermind :)

Well... you may want to check out Cynic... and possibly Gojira.
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