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Default Re: Help me with that 80's snare sound

Originally Posted by braincramp View Post
Great snare at a great price...I however had a hard time getting the lower sound from it and still having the sensitivity I require which would be expected from any snare over 6 1/2" . it has thin walls for a wood snare and resonates alot... tune both heads pretty low...then add moongel to get rid of any unwanted ring.this may require more then 1 thing I have noticed trying to achieve this sound is it really test your tuning ability the lower you tune the heads it can get frustrating so be patient you will get it. I use a evans power center reverse dot me it has a thick sound without loosing all the senitivity....if you mic the snare and go thru a soundboard do what was also suggested (eq,reverb)...something else you want to do before tuning it way way down is if you can have someone else hit it while you stand 10' in front of set...I was suprised once with this exact same snare doing this and once I did it I ended up tighting up the bottom head a bit more.
I think your're pretty close to what I should do here. I removed the Ambassador on top. I had a Remo Control Sound laying around so I put it on the top and it is much better. I also put a half piece of moongel on it and covered it with a small piece of duct tape to keep it on the head. After a bit I cut the moongel down even further so now it just has a hint of a ring. The moongel is about the size of my thumbnail.

The guy who sold me the snare old sold me some Pearl snares - he said they don't have to be quite as tight (or something, can't really remember) but he said it would help with the sound I am after. So, I've got it sounding pretty good now but when I got my daughter to whack on it a while (after standing about 10' away) it sounds different - LOL.

If I made a YouTube video of it could you guys give any input? Or would it not really help because the saund would just be coming from the camera - nothing fancy? Anyway, I've taken all the suggestions and I am a whole lot closer.
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