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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Originally Posted by Liquid_Drummer View Post
I still have my pinky fingers sticking out when I play no matter how much I have tried to reel them in.
Well, as an outside spectator, I instantly like the playing of drummers that don't tuck their fingers in a lot less, because in most cases, it messes up the sound of what they are playing, one of the only exceptions being Multiple Bounce Rolls, but even then, it just looks bad / makes you look like a beginner, even if you're playing decently, in my opinion. I can't really play doubles properly (or even good singles) without having all my fingers tucked in. So, maybe before focusing on the breaking issue, you might want to take it slowly and incorporate having all your fingers on the stick at all times in your playing.
Well, Gavin will most likely have good advice on the breaking stuff part.
Hope this helps.

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