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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi crimsonfloyd

At what age did you develope most of your double bass-style? When did you first got a double bass pedal? And, finally - any tips? I remember, I've read somewhere, that you practice still a lot for your left foot.

I'm still developing it now. I used to have two bass drums back in the early 1980's and then in 1984 I bought the first DW double pedal - so then I gave up with the two bass drums. I was always trying to get them to sound the same anyway (which they never did).
I tried practising along to records and seeing what I could think of to play on them. I never liked the continuous 16ths thing - so I was looking for broken up patterns based on 2,3,4 or 5 notes in a row. I always lead with my right foot - no matter where the pattern starts and always played singles. My goal has always been "control & accuracy" - I was never interested in going fast.

Hi massive prog fan

Please excuse me if you've already announced/been asked this, but are there plans to do any in-store appearances or clinics while on PT's tour of Australia next week? Either by yourself or with the rest of the band?

Not as far as I know at this moment.

Hi Alex P.

I received your new dvd/book a few days ago.
Congratulations to you & Terry !

many thanks - we worked really hard on it.


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