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Ok, here's my two penn'orth:

Western society has long viewed children/young people as a manifestation of the Devil, and treated them as such (see Michael Morpurgo, "The Invention of Childhood"). It was the norm, and nobody turned a hair or batted an eyelid. This was a phenomenon of its time.

More recently, considerably more enlightened views have obtained. Children/young people are acknowledged as individuals. They are listened to, and what they have to say is regarded as valid - and thank goodness for it. This is why historic child-abusers are now being brought to account. If these victims had known that they would have been believed decades ago, many children would have been saved.

As for "hard" vs. "soft", the hardness should come from the individual: "I'm not good enough, I have to do better." The softness should come from the teacher: "You are good enough to do better." And it's the teacher's job to motivate the student to be hard on him/herself.
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