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Originally Posted by bigd View Post

I understand what you're saying. People want education in general to be "fun and exciting" I see that every day as a public school elementary teacher.

I also have a son in a major music conservatory here on the east coast. Famous school and percussion department. The professors there are all very supportive from the percussion department to the large ensemble conductors. They are also intense. Pressure is there for sure but never have I heard that they cross the line into mean ever.

As for my own son, I have an agreement with his studio teacher that he is to have his foot implanted firmly up the boys behind. He assures me ever time we see him at concerts that it is. The pressure is intense but the kids in the school are amazing.
None of my bisiness, but, is the boy doing this cos he wants to, or cos you want him to? From the above remark it would sound like the latter. Do you think the teacher being continualy on his case is a good thing? I always thought we did this cos we like and enjoy it. The only pressure put on me, drumming wise, ever, was and is the pressure I put on myself.
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