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Default Re: Snow in New England

Upstate New York. Roof rake, shovel/salt walk. Snow machine for the driveway. 2 Vehicles to clear. Then yesterday, BAM! My septic backed up. Ran to the Depot this morning for a mainline machine. Rented. Bull-dogged it solo into and out of the van (Heavy MF'er). I'll probably regret that tomorrow.

F'ing beat.

My drums sound so F'ing good right now. Can't wait till the missus gets home so I can go out to the garage and take a great big ole rip and just relax for an hour or two.

The only time snow is a problem is when the embankments hit that magic ~5' height where your 7HP snow blower can't throw over top of them and you start to lose real-estate. Once that happens, it really needs to stop snowing for a day or two.
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