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Default Re: What's with The Who?

Originally Posted by coolhand1969 View Post
If Ringo got lucky to be picked by Lennon/Paul and George, then didn't Bonham get lucky to get picked by Page/Plant and Jones and for that matter didn't Plant get real lucky to be picked by Jimmy and Jones.

Luck or fate or whatever is all a part of the game, but even if they all got lucky they had to deliver in the end.

Ringo delivered perfect timing, playing for the music and probably keeping the band together as the enormous egos of Lennon and Paul fought to destroy it all.

I do not need to say much about Bonham or Plant, they both delivered. If they had not been able to, do you think Jimmy would have kept them, because make no mistake it was Jimmy's band.
I think the better bands go through a phase where they found a market then they have to find players that can play the part. Pink Floyd had to find someone that could sing and play guitar.
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