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Default Re: Is being over-educated about gear good, or bad?

Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
(I would add, check out the hardware and see if you like how everything clamps together.)


Most drum companies make excellent drums, so to me it comes down to how easy it is to tech my own gear, since I do all of the setup and teardown at the gig. Much as we like to play our drums, the reality is that most of us have to handle all of the "tinkertoy" bits whenever we take the little darlings out, and I certainly don't want to deal with hardware systems that may seem innovative on the company's brochure, but turn out to be a pain on the riser.

Similarly, paying attention to what my favorite drum maker does to get those drums dialed in allowed me to replace a 22" bass drum with an 18" without really sacrificing the sound of it. A real treat when loading them in and out.
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