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Default Re: The "Holy Grail" of cymbals?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
... and it includes "Zildjian cymbols" - what's going on with the education system!

Do you know if it was thick, thin or medium?
Grea...just a point of information.The truly accurate way to gauge the relative thickness of a cymbal of a certain model,and manufacturing process and diameter, is by actually weighing it,and using the cymbals weight in grams,to help you determine,heavy,medium,thin or paper thin.

Once you know the gram weight, then it will help you determine the relative thickness,in ratio to it's diameter.

Not all models,and makers thin crash for example ,will be the same thickness,and using gram weight will help you to gauge,just HOW thin is that thin crash.

If you take a Paiste 602 thin crash and an A Zildjian thin chash,the weight in grams may or may not be different,but most likely will be.

Steve B
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