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Default Re: Dry heads for ludwig blackrolite acrolite snare?

Originally Posted by Defender View Post
I'll +1 for the Genera Dry. (Not the HD Dry!!)

If you're looking for a dry sound, yet with a certain "deepness" to it, the Genera Dry is the way to go. Unfortunately (or fortunately as it may be) the Genera Dry will make every drum, no matter what material and what thickness and build, sound exactly the same. I assume it does this by removing all overtones and all "characteristics" of the snare from existence.

I loved the Genera Dry for about 2 weeks and then I realized my mistake. Anyway, just like any head, it has it's place. And if you're playing in your basement and you need to tone it down, it's a great head. I wouldn't use it live though, as it would just be too "dull".

Peace, Defender
I completely agree with this. The Genera Dry made my Supra sound great in a small practice space, with no ring but plenty of attack. It might well kill the drum live in a large space.
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