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Default Re: The 23" bass drum

Originally Posted by gallonsloth View Post
I've always been interested in seeing an 11" and 15" inch tom paired together.
My Granstar II kit's original tom configuration is: 10", 11", 14", 15". I have since acquired toms in add'l sizes.

I've set it up as a 4 piece in different config's including the 11+15 set up for a few years.

It's now serving as a rehearsal kit as a 5 piece w/ 10, 12, 15 toms.

The challenge w/ the kit is that both the 10" and 11" are both 10" deep and if I use the same heads on both and tune each drum to what I feel is the sweet spot (for those heads), they don't have enough separation in pitch, especially if I use them as the only 2 "up" toms.

That being said, I've picked up a 12" tom which is 11" deep. The 11" and 12" together as my 2-up, actually works but I prefer the 10+12 interval more.

Now, if I put an Ambassador on the 10", an Emperor on the 11", and a Pinstripe on the 12", then I can get a lot of tone separation.

I actually prefer the 11, 13, 15 setup but the 13" tom is 12" deep and the less extreme tom angles I've gotten used to over the last several years don't really accommodate using a 12" deep rack tom very well. Heck the 12" tom at 11" is a bit too much but it works for the rehearsal kit.
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