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Matt Bo Eder
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Default Re: The 23" bass drum

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I wish both of these sizes were popular. Especially the 11" tom.

I think a 23 makes sense Bo, assuming you can get any head you want.

I do feel that anything bigger than 24 is overkill though.
Regarding the heads, living in SoCal, I don't think getting whatever made at Remo is a big problem, but I'm sure it'll cost more. But I was just throwing out the idea, I'm not sure I want to afford buying a 23" bass drum from DW just to find out. I'm really happy with what I have, there's just that little tinge of wishing my 22" was just a little bit bigger, or my 24" was a little bit smaller.

Although, in reality, having a 23" bass drum doesn't make transporting any different - it would still be in a 24" case, so I'm not saving any effort in that department. So I might as well stick with the 24" when you look at it that way. And the 22" gives me way more "oomph" than that Signet 20 did and that's why I went up to that size.

So the smart thing would be to do nothing and play what I have. It is an intriguing thought, though.
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