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Default Re: Should I be annoyed?

Originally Posted by KamaK View Post
Because it's not free access, and it's not analogous to the teen/car example.

You control what they have access to, because you're prepared. You pull your three B8/ZBT backup cymbals out of the gig bag, the gnarly sticks that you have as last-resort-spares and were going to throw out anyway, let them know they can adjust the drum stool (only), you break it you buy it, and let them go to town.

After they're done, you tell them how great they were, laugh at their stupid jokes, etc. You then tell the father of the bride what a great time you and the band had, and how lovely and happy his daughter looked.

The only decision you should have to make on the fly is "chicken or fish".
I will, however, give you credit for the above level of preparedness. If you indeed were that prepared you are to be commended....

I would also add, that any "father of the bride" who didn't understand the validity of a resounding "no" to his last minute and highly presumptuous request, is a father I'd probably not want to play a second and third wedding for...
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