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Default Re: Should I be annoyed?

Originally Posted by TheElectricCompany View Post
What is the lack of preparation?
This was spelled out on page one.

Performers should be prepared for gigs that require shared equipment, guest performers, sit-ins, shared-stages, shared merch tables, "can our Gfriends hang in the green room?", stage dancers, drunkards who want to sing, etc. None of these occurrences are uncommon, and it's always going to be inconvenient.

When it happens, as it did in the OPs instance, everyone should 'already' be on the same frequency. The discussion on what conditions need to be followed to say "yes" should have happened before the band decided to play it's first professional gig.

There's more to preparation than simply being a musician and playing an instrument. You have to be prepared to perform, socialize, haul gear, run a business, handle press, run sound, etc.

To illustrate this with an example in preparedness.... When I toured, I always had two SM58's. One was mine and always mine. The other was for anyone else. Consider it remarkable that I've played several thousand shows and don't have oral herpes, never got mono, never got strep... Never gave it to other performers as well. In our clubs, we disinfect mics between performers, sometimes a dozen times on open-mic and karaoke nights.

That little bit of preparedness, and similar initiatives, are what cultivates an ecosystem and keeps it healthy and profitable. Dead weight gets smart or gets cut. Preferably the former.
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