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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Originally Posted by hauk View Post
You may get lucky; Lazarus seems to be one of Steve's favorites as well and was played in Dallas at the gig I saw. For anyone interested here's the full setlist:

The Incident
The Start Of Something Beautiful
Russia On Ice Phase I
Anesthetize Phase II
Way Out Of Here
Bonnie The Cat
The Sound Of Muzak

Thanks for the great show Gavin! It was my second PT show & I'll do everything I can to see you guys next time you come around as well.
I believe that was the setlist they played in Orlando at the House of Blues last Friday as well... I thought it was a great show, I honestly have never been more impressed by live drumming before in any capacity.

And now that I'm back home in good ol' New York I might be catching them again in Buffalo once May 4th rolls around... Will definitely be worth it, and I'll have to bring the lady friend along with me this time. (:

I think I may as well ask a question while I'm here that may not really be all that great because of how many ways you could go about answering it... but here it goes.

I suppose the question has probably already been asked too, maybe not in quite the same way, but when it comes to improvising songs live... I've noticed that although you mostly improvise/add a few fills here and there, never once did I feel the groove of the song even slightly falter... even during rather intense polyrhythmic parts or through odd time signatures. I'm just curious as to what your thought process is on performing these kinds of things and what might be "too much" in your mind, or how exactly your concepts of overriding make it into your fills as well.

My perception of drummers has changed considerably in this past year especially when it comes to being within the context of a band and feel... and your playing seems to epitomize that in a lot of ways. I wish I had the insight (and experience) to even gain a fraction of it... Thanks in advance.
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