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Default Re: Mapex Saturn...tuning styles?

Originally Posted by nickg View Post my definition of resonance wasn't the answer you were looking for but yet you say you "have to wail the beejezus out of them to make them really sound like I want".

too loose of tuning does have a lot to do with it because you're fighting to bring out the tone of the drum instead of letting the head and the shell do the work for you.

i hope you understand my point a little better now.
LOL, just playing around. I'm an RF engineer, so I got a kick out of that.

Don't misunderstand me, I'm a 40 yo drummer that understands that despite drumming for 31 years, I've a lot to learn from most everyone. I appreciate your advice. I just really think the issue is the heads I'm using rather than my tuning method.

The Super-2s / Classic clears will be in this week. I think I'll like them better, judging by what my peers are saying about them.

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