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Default Re: Gavin Harrison here!

Hi Lightbulb_Sun

Do you recall what kick mics you used on In Absentia, Deadwing, Lewis Taylor's In Session 2005, and Fear of a Blank Planet? Your drum sound has always been fantastic, even as far back as the '88 Dizrhythmia. Again, I apologize if my constant questions are a bit of nuisance.

I think for those albums mentioned it would have been a Beyer M88 - (I'm not 100% sure regarding In Absentia) as we had an engineer in the studio in NYC who may have added other mics.

Hi JohnoWorld

I am a man who likes a live sound. For almost all my favourite bands, I prefer listening to a live recording due to the fact that it's not quite as perfect as a studio recording and you seem to hear more. You have done many, most of which I have, but my favourite is the PT Arriving Somewhere DVD. Was there anything specific done to the mix for these shows?

I can't remember exactly what was done to those tracks.

In comparison I think the drum sound / overall mix on Octane Twisted is a bit flat.

I agree.

Did you tune your kit specifically, is it due to the surround mix? :-)

I don't tune my kit any differently when playing live or in a studio - they are of course closed mic'd in exactly the same way. Unfortunately with live mixes - the drum overhead mics are usually full or guitar sounds and there's a total lack of 'usable' room sound - so you have to add digital reverb.

glad you like the sound of it anyway.

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