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Default Re: The perfectionist

Well the professional attitude and desire for "perfection" are really inspiring to others too. One of the posters, I think Tony, responded to another post saying "try to play with people/players better than you" which is great advice and true as it drives you to higher standards and wanting to work hard to not be the weak link in a group. I had that experience hooking up with a orchestra conductor-I helped with percussion toys (I can read music with effort) and played kit. It was a civic orchestra but had retired symphony orchestra players and some really good non-professionals and just a few weak players (like "me") so their standards were high. He also created offshoot groups like a Big Band and small jazz group that created lots of gigs-which man I was way out of my league with some of these gigs. Eventually many of the orchestra "accepted me" and even a few compliments-I did this and "held my own" for about 5 years and it was a great experience. However sadly left to my own device I'm not a disciplined player at all and don't like always playing a song exactly the same way and seem driven to leave no spaces or overplay a song. I like to "experiment" too much. It seems my greatest battle is with myself.
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