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Originally Posted by gretschgal1 View Post
Hey Steve!
No problem on the confirmation. I discovered MANY tracks that Jeff played on that I'd either forgotten about, or that I just wasn't aware of. With 700 different credits to his name that we KNOW of (and perhaps that many more that we don't....), it's not hard to learn something new.

ps: Gretsch New Classics on the way? VERY cool.
After having my kit for 8 months, I finally found a kick drum sound I can live with.
I put the biggest fluffy towel in there I could find. The drum still speaks, but it's got that low-end punch I was looking for. Catalina Maple ---nothing beats that sound. it's a very warm tone-and this little 6ply 6piece still rings even with a little muffling here and there so as not to wake the landlord! *lol* You're gonna LOVE playing Gretsch.

I didn't follow Jeff as much when I was younger (other than Toto stuff), but I have since started listening to him a lot more. My son is into Paul McCartney, and I just happened to run into that thing with Porcaro when looking for McCartney classics like "Live and Let Die", "Silly Little Love Song", etc.

Thanks for the encouraging stuff on Gretsch. I was looking at either Yamaha or a number of the Gretsch lines (Catalina, Renown, New Classic). Realy excited to be part of the "family" of Gretsch lovers.

Gretsch New Classics
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