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"All the Way Home" (R. Page/P. Leonard) was written after Page attended Jeff's funeral.

EDIT IN: Ornalles, Morotta, Castro, Humphreys, Keltner and 2 others played as they left the "Hall of Liberty" on 8/10/92. That's what the chorus of this tune is about. I think it's a sweet thing to do for a friend and colleague. Richard Page ("Mr. Mister", "Pages", "3rd Matinee") provided some killer background vocals for the Toto record, "Kingdom of Desire" which was Jeff's last album for Toto before his passing.

I love the arrangment of this tune...the harmony vocal-----and is that Vinnie Colaiuta on brushes? Sounds like it! (Especially after hearing "Long time, No Groove" from Tribute to Jeff).

I thought I'd post the link to "All the Way Home" here for those who haven't heard the tune.
Jeff's brother, Steve, is credited as one of the additional musicians on 3rd Matinee's record "Meanwhile" (1994). The strings and flute patches, and some of the other synth work must be Steve's....sounds like something he'd do.

This is an awesome tune.

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