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Default Re: 16th notes on Hi Hat

Originally Posted by Dr_Watso View Post
..Not the same thing as a snap, which is mostly what's being utilized in the last video posted. In that video you're right in that he is doing some kind of rolled wrist thing moving to the side but that's not correct Moeller form, it's just a sort of hybrid technique he's using to get that sound at that tempo; to me it's closer to push/pull than anything considered that combination with the term Moeller..

This sort of quasi-expert behaviour is what i was referring to with the quote from T. Weaves..

For some reason you keep having the idea that your definition of a Moeller-stroke is the only one that deserves to be called Moeller and that everyone else is not knowing what they are speaking about..

Here is a clinic from Jojo Mayer, where untill 4.20 he speaks about Moeller..And i mean Moeller, Moeller, what he speaks about 4.20 minutes, about Moeller..

Now, when you listen from lets say 1.40, then you hear him say that there are 'many different ways of Moeller'..At like 2.21 you will hear him say that the thing that you say is not Moeller, he calls the 'Moeller pumping motion'..

I repeat..: the Moeller pumping motion..

I think would be more wise to stop a little with trying to teach everyone here a lesson that basically you are not understanding yourself, because at one moment things are just getting a little foolish..
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