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Default Re: 16th notes on Hi Hat

Originally Posted by oldskoolsoul View Post
Ok, sorry, lol..

If we consider that a fast one-handed 16th hi-hat pattern (if you refer for example to 'Use Me'), then i said nothing at all in this thread..

But, if we speak tempo-wise for example about Michael McDonald with 'I Keep Forgetting', and up, then my opinion stays..

Will (low) Moeller always create the best sounding fast 16th hi-hat groove ever in every possible song..? No, ofcourse not, but with many songs of that tempo (and up), (low) Moeller stays a very valid option and the statement that (low) Moeller never is appropriate still makes no sense..
I'm not sure what speed has to do with it specifically. The faster you go, the less applicable any sort of whip motion is. Slower tempos where you actually could use a whip motion, usually you wouldn't unless you specifically wanted an off-kilter or every other accent kinda sound. And that's a very specific situation, not really what we're discussing here.

Again, and for all, "moeller" is by far the least efficient way to approach up-tempo one handed work. It's very useful in that context for accents and moving around the kit, but strictly speaking for this context of this thread, there's much better techniques to get you to a useable place.
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