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Default Re: 16th notes on Hi Hat

If you practice, and play at speeds near your top where you stay relaxed the "moeller" is something that happens on it's own. I have never WORKED on it.

Push pull and using your fingers will help also.

As a guy who plays blastbeats at lets say 240bpm means each hand is doing 1/8 notes which means 16ths at lets say 120.

They key to this as stated is staying relaxed. I practice 16th notes on a pad for looooong extended periods of time. You have to be able to do it for a few minutes if you want to be confident, play it clean.

If it is too hard to play, you are playing it too fast. Set a metronome to a speed you can do it for lets say 3 minutes.. It may be 60 BPM. That is totally fine. now add 1 BPM every week. At this rate you can get there in a year. The first few weeks you will progress really fast. the last few it gets tough.

It is only a combination of muscle memory and staying relaxed to play fast. As soon as you try to hit too hard, play faster than your muscles are used to you tense up, and its game over. EVERY TIME. by playing slower and relaxed you get used to it and don't tense up.

practicing singles at 200-210 is how I get better playing at 240-250.

for most people who play to fast they are gripping the sticks too tight killing the rebound, using the wrong sticks for them, and having technique issues as well.
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