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Originally Posted by Swiss Matthias View Post
The Weezer song is not a good example to me, because I don't think it's your
typical cut time song you'd notate at 160 but half time felt.
I wasn't paying that much attention, it was the first one that caught my eye where the database said 160 and I remembered the half time feel of the song from the drum perspective.

I'm thinking I Got Money for example.
Anyway, I really don't think one can seriously argue backbeat driven funk, rock,
and pop music at around 160 isn't fast, while a swing tune in 160 isn't. Right?
Well, I'm trying to get across that it's both relative and a bit subjective to the player. 160 is fast compared to 159, and slow compared to 161. It's not faster or slower depending on the style of music, but the individual pieces of music can have a feel or progression that makes it seem slower or faster.

Beat: So do you disagree with me or what? I don't really understand your
comment, as I doesn't say much other than what I said. Except that I don't
think it's too arbitrary, but either one or the other. And I meant in this
discussion specifically, not in general: In some posts a beat is the quarter note
(as in 180 bpm), or the beat is every note hit on the drum.
I think we do agree. My point is that for say a 6/8 song, the "beat" or pulse is meant to be felt along the 8ths, rather than the quarter feel. A 6/4 song would go back to a quarter note feel. It's whatever the song writer wants to notate it and feel it as. Hell, what one person feels as a fast 6 could actually be a slower 4 song!

Music just isn't cut and dry all the time and I feel it's incorrect to say that a tempo is "faster" or "slower" depending on the genre of music.
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