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The tempo marking for a piece of music will generally follow the time signature, or the perceived pulse of the music.

So for example, 6/8 is commonly notated with a dotted quarter note as the time signature is most often counted "1 and a 2 and a".

Normally music in 4/4 will have quarter note = (tempo). If you have a change in time signature in the music there will not normally be a matching tempo marking - you are expected to maintain the same tempo and simply adjust to match the new time signature's note count.

Generally when drummers are talking about BPM it's usually accepted that we're talking about BPM = 1/4 notes. So if I say "This song is 200bpm" then I mean "This song has a tempo of 1/4 note = 200".

To be honest, I don't even remember where I got the BPM thing from. I've been using it for years, but I also have a lot of musical theory knowledge otherwise - so who knows?
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