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Default Re: Ludwig standards

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
Yes. The Standard snares (whether wood, anodized aluminium or chromed aluminium) were all 5x14, so your 13" was likely not original.

There's an aluminium on eBay right now for not much more than what an Acrolite typically runs:
I just grabbed an aluminum one off of eBay this week. There's another for around $115 that I was watching. Bids close on Monday, I think.

I refurbished a late 60's standard kit 12/13/16/22 recently. I'll have to take some pictures. I didn't restore it to original though, so you guys might not like it. I stripped the wraps, sanded and stained them min-wax gun stock and a couple coats of poly. Replaced the old stands and hi-hat with Atlas Standards. And replaced the wimpy rod BD spurs with the new Atlas ones as well.

This is the only kit I have ever had - bought it used in '73.

BTW - I have been looking for the 14" Floor Tom, if you know anyone that is looking to sell.

Let me explain this once more..
Snares are like handbags,
Cymbals are like shoes!
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