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hey TONY! After speaking with a few of Jeff's friends via the Toto Network, my best guess is that Jeff would have voted for Bonzo, regardless of whether Jeff was on the legends list or not!! (Think, "Rosanna" was a direct "Fool in the Rain" rip-off with a little Purdie tossed in for good measure!). So....

Yeah; but hey-we got his name listed SEPERATE from Simon's for a reason.
I fought like a mofo to get him listed on the "legends" side of it so his kids could vote for him. Check out the "Symetrics" page at Myspace. That's Jeff's middle kid Miles, and his nephew, Chase Porcaro Duddy --and those kids got to vote for Jeffrey for a solid MONTH.
So all is nawt lost -ha ha!
SCORE ONE for a true legend and a dude what I'm told was VERY humble about his Gift and life in general.

Says Michael Porcaro (about his older, shorter bro):
"Jeff was just a regular guy who tried to live life just like anybody else, and was a very devoted Dad when that became part of his life".
At Toto 99, there's a video clip of Mikey where he states that Jeffrey's heart was "that of an artist". And that to, "Know Jeff was to love him."

What a sweet way to remember FAMILY. Mike's just the coolest.
At times, JEFF has stated that Mike was the 'better drummer' of the two of them.
I submit, humbly---after hearing those two play on a lot of stuff, that there wasn't a groove Jeff carved out that Mikey couldn't stitch shut. Pocket was re-defined any time those two sat down to play. The Beegees were "The Brothers Gibb".

Might it be stated that Jeffrey and Mike Porcaro were "The Brothers Groove"???
Mike is currently battling an arm injury that prevents him from touring.
God Bless Mikey.........I hope he can play again soon.


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Shame to see Jeff's been eliminated from the running.
Yeah you've got some phenomenal drummers out there today, but I still believe there's never been a touch quite like Jeffrey's.
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