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Originally Posted by MixnMatch View Post
Yasou Gewrgos!!!

Ellhnes eimai (ap'thn kerkyra) alla exw xrwnia sthn ameriki.

Apisteuto! (8a allaskw sta agglika twra) That you're actually on the forum. Big fan of yours and I actually served my military service in Greece (last year) with a student of yours. He had only the best to say about you... and mentioned that you were quite the 'latin drummer'. So just wondering when the Kollias latin-beats dvd/cd is coming out... ;-) Horacio 'el negro' who???

A drummer myself, I use to run around gigging and recording when I was younger (thrash/speed/hardcore) then I started opening my mind to jazz/latin/funk/progressive and now just play Greek festivals, weddings and baptisms here in the states as a side-job. I'd actually play for free ( mono yia ligw tsipouro k psari ;-) ) as I still enjoy playing the drums after all these years and watching/learning from artists like yourself just motivate me to spend as much time as I can playing,practicing and growing.

Listening to you play, I can't help to think that maybe traditional Greek music has had an influence on you, as pertains to some of the odd time signatures.. 5's, 7's, and 9's. Am I right? Did you ever play 'laiki musiki' growing up or even maybe studio work with any Greek artists?

I just want to say Thank You. For the way you've conducted yourself as an artist and as a citizen of Greece. We need all the ambassadors to represent a positive image of our people and country, especially in these trying times.

Cheers brother, thanks so much for your kind words!
We are going on tour in the States next week, hope we catch up on a show, would be killer!

And stay where you are, situation in Greece is very bad now so you are good there, ha ha ha
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