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Default Re: George Kollias here...

Hey George! I love your drumming :) I can honestly say you are one of my favorite drummers. Your speed and precision is incredible, and your fills, accents and style is impeccable and fills the appetite with drumming delicacy :P I've only heard your work with Nile, and am embarrassed to say I only had one album (and then lent it to someone/lost it, can't remember :/), but, simply, you kick ass.

Do you speak Greek? If you do, χαλάλι σου για το χάρισμα σου! Χαιρετίσματα απο την Κύπρο. :) (In case the characters didn't show: Xalali sou gia to xarisma sou! Xairetismata apo tin Kypro :))
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