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Originally Posted by Ouronomos View Post
Hi George.

So I've watched a lot of your Drum Clinic/Tutorial videos on YouTube. You mentioned playing with a tight spring tension. Now I'm curious, I also play with a tight spring tension, but if you were to mark your double pedal's (Pear Eliminators) tightening nuts with a permanent marker and tighten it, how much turns (360) will you normally give the nut?


P.S. I normally go on the "feel" of the spring tension, but I've noticed a lot of drummers saying "tight" spring tension, but I'm not sure how tight they mean precisely, that's why I'm asking. :P
I use tight springs on my Axis, remember Axis have heavy duty springs which makes the pedal twice hard to push down....they are really tight. The reason i do that is cause, when i am getting ready to play (lift my ankle to hit the bass drum), the beater doesn't land on the bass drum head but holds me up on the firing position (i call it like that).
So, basically holds you "up there" when you have both ankles up and getting ready to play a fast pattern. That's it.

I also have Eliminators, great pedals. I play those tight as well but the difference with Axis is like day and night, i mean Axis springs are way more tight.

Any spring tighten more than half way goes to the "tight area", although when i get any pedal out of the box i tight the nut all the way up. So 100%.
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