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Originally Posted by Talismanis View Post
Hi George, as many have said I'm a huge fan of your playing - I never used to really appreciate really hardcore metal stuff until I realised just how much passion and soul really goes into it, so you've made me a fan. :) Now I'm trying to learn how to do it all myself hah.

I tried to follow your 16 week workout a few weeks ago, as I got my first double pedal in february this year, but I simply can't hit 80bpm 32nds/160bpm 16ths yet. Is it still a good idea for me to do the workout at slightly slower tempos, or are they at those tempos for a very specific reason?

Also, do you have any experience with running? I went for a long run today and my legs are feeling tired and tight, so I'm stretching them like mad but trying to do any kind of double bass is an absolute chore at the moment.

Thanks you very much!
Hey man,
thanks for your kind words.

First, YOU CAN hit 32nd notes at 80bpm...i'm sure you can. These exercises start with 32nds for one beat so everybody can, then after you get into it you hold it for 2 beats, then 3 and so on, like the exercises go. So just go for it, this is the most important thing about speed: If you wanna play fast, you need to sit down and play fast! It will take some time depending on what you're shooting for but i promise you it will come!

The 16-week workout will give you a lot of control and get you in the flying motion (like we call it). It's mostly about control than speed, but we know if you improve your control speed improves also in no time...

I was running when i was younger and played a lot of soccer, but left both (thanks to drums). I know running is not good for your knees, every doctor will tell you that as well so if you wanna exercise a little safer maybe try walking or bicycle? These work great too...

As far as stretching, it is the best thing you can do to yourself as a drummer or whatever. This is the KEY to not hurt yourself and it's what i do especially on the road...
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