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Default Re: Jimmy Chamberlin

Originally Posted by A thunder of Coxy
Went to see Jim last night at a clinic, was really good about 50 ppl in there so had a great view and was really close to see what he was doing. At the begginging of the night I was confused, sat downstairs with a few beers and we recognise someone it looks similar to Jim but we thought no he wouldnt just walk around the bar. So anyway I go the toilet and the same person walks out I just give a usually nod to say hi. In the toilets im speaking to a guy from Dawsons who set up the clinic and says "Its not every day you walk past Jimmy Chamberlain in the toilets is it?" I was shocked that it was him just walking round with us folks. Stayed talking to this guy and he says that he heard from Jim himself there is gunna be a new Pumkins record out :D, THE PUMKINS ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER. So anyway I ran out trying to speak to Jim but he had gone upstairs to get ready I was gutted. The clinic then was awesome he played along to a few songs from his own complex album and 1 Zwan song. He told us alot which I totally agreed with. Later I spoke to him and got a few things signed, the only bad thing was a guy I go the same college as won an A custom cymbal in the raffle :S
Wow. That's really cool. I just can't wait for the Smashing Pumpkins to get back. I'm gonna' go buy their new album RIGHT when it comes out. It'll be so friggin' awesome. I have all their other albums already..I can't wait. Maybe there'll be a tour, which I will make SURE I go see. I've seen live video bootlegs of theirs, and I've always wanted to go see them. I just couldn't, because they were no longer a band, haha. Anyways, Smashing's a dream come true.
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