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Default New Online lesson up!! You've got to Funk a Drei!!

You've got to Funk a Drei!!

Tired of sounding flat? Tired of your ideas and licks?

There is a way to expand your vocabulary right away! Through the study of Rhythm!
Rhythm is like a kaleidoscope. When you turn the Kaleidoscope it makes different shapes. Think of rhythm as the shapes you see in the kaleidoscope. As you turn your perspective rhythmically, different cyclic melodies will appear. Rhythmic perspective will determine what melody you are hearing in any cycle. In this case I chose this "rhythmic melody" if you will. Since it is pervasive in western drumming culture. Rhythm is basically infinite. And as you will see, the creative possibilities using "just" this perspective, soon become a deep ocean of drumming vocabulary.

In this lesson we are learning to open up your phrasing and achieve what some of my Students refer to as a "rolling time feel"- Also known as "Playing over the barline"

The tool we are using is what I call the...
"3 bar cycle" -

Check out this lesson and enjoy!! - Level = Intermediate
Purchase - You've got to Funk a Drei!!
30 mins mp3 / with extensive PDF's - Exercises and text!!
Live to play!
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