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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Originally Posted by DanGordon View Post
Hi Phil!

I was just visiting the DW forum and saw your post.
In fact I've never visited the DW forum before, I just used to navigate through the drummers pages, videos, etc...

When I had the idea to check the forum today for the first time and saw your post, I decided to register just to say hello.
I studied with you back in 1992 in PIT.
I'm one of the brazilian guys at PIT.
It was an amazing year I spent in PIT and LA.
Great for maturity (I was 20/21) and as a life experience.
And it was a blast studying with Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, you, Effrain Toro, Chuck Flores, and many other great teachers, and watching all those workshops, concerts, clinics that we had at Musicians Institute.
Great time!

I remember that I bought with you your "Inner Clock" book. And it wasn't even finished.
It came with a cassette tape if I'm not wrong and the charts came in a xeroxed booklet.

But that was great! I used it a lot in my practice routine.
A few years later I bought the "official" version with a CD.

Anyway. I believe you won't remember me as you had a lot of students at PIT.
But I just wanted to say hi and that is good to know what's happening with your career.

I'm making my living drumming since I got back to Brazil in 1994.

I read you were close, in Argentina, doing some gigs. Cool.

Well, Good luck with everything.


Daniel Gordon
If its the Daniel I think it is...I remember! Post o pic of yourself to help me out.
its hard bro....that was a looooong time ago hahahah!
Live to play!
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