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Default Re: Too many fingers in left hand???

I've been working on the exact same left hand issue for a long time. I also go between my hand being either too loose or tightening up. Recently I've pretty much solved it though I always have to focus on keeping it relaxed. I always use my right hand as my benchmark to compare my left hand against.

Here's the thing. The stick needs to 'breathe' in your hand. What I mean is, the fingers needs to open up as the hand pulls back but never completely leaving the stick. It's about throwing the stick down as though you're trying to shake water or mud off your hand. It's like a seesaw motion where the stick is freed up inside the hand rather than being 'gripped' so to speak, but the hand just supports and guides the stick. I don't know if that's making much sense to you but I find it's really keeping my strokes loose yet controlled. It's allowing gravity to come into play rather than physically placing the stroke. By throwing the stick down in this way you start to feel the weight of the stick pretty much just falling onto the drum. I keep my index finger away from gripping but use the rest of my fingers as a cradle to support and guide. It's all about letting go really. I'm particularly conscious about not letting my pinky come away completely and keeping my thumb in place.

You should also experiment with how far up or down your hand is on the stick, i.e, towards the butt or perhaps further up. This can make a big difference in much the same way as where you would place your right foot on the bass drum pedal.
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