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My 2 cents:

SM57s are great and worthwhile BUT I don't care for them on toms and there are more choices now than ever. I got a pair of Blue 100i's (I think they still have 100s on sale) at Musician's Friend, 2 for 1. They're in no way inferior to the 57, both are good. I paid $89/pair. Plenty of good snare mics out there, I got an Audio Technica ATM63 and Audix D3 used, both under $50.

Kick drum mics, there's a lot of good stuff out there. I don't care for the Shure Beta 52, but it will do the work. The ATM230 and some Beyerdynamics have my attention. The Heil PR30 and PR40 are both on my list.

Toms, I'm fond of the clip on condensers, I just got a Beyer, but Shure SM98s are well respected, and AKG and others make them as well. Audix D2s are well loved, and for floor tom, or a small kick, the D4 is popular. Beyerdynamic TG D50d is awesome for FT or kick, I got mine new on eBay for $130. CAD M179s are VERY well loved for toms. IMO none of these can fail, they'll all do the job very, very well.

I got Blue Hummingbirds to use as overheads, again 2 for 1. Lots and lots of good choices here, all of which you can ignore since you have two 414s. Are they the same series? If you decide the 414s need to live on your toms, my first choice for OHs that won't make you broke are the Shure KSM32 and KSM141.

An omni or multipattern should be fun for a room mic, either a 414, or any number of cheap condensers or dynamics: EV 635A OR PL5, Shure Radio Shack 33-1070, any number of discontinued AT mics go for cheap. 12 gauge does a $35 omni condenser, PZMs sell for nothing used, and the Rodes NT5/NT55/NT6/NT4 all take the same omni capsule that I hear is supposed to be fantastic. Even the Behringer $60 measurement mic has its fans.

Whoever said that dynamics are faster than condensers: nope, other way around.
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