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For live performance here's a few other mic options to consider:

Bass Drum: Telefunken M82, Heil PR48, Audio-Technica ATM-25

Snare: Shure SM-57, Telefunken M81, Audio-Technica ATM-23HE

Rack Toms: Shure SM-57, Audio-Technica ATM-25, Audio-Technica AE3000

Floor Toms: Audio-Technica ATM-25, Audio-Technica AE3000, AKG D112

Overheads: Aston Origin, Audio-Technica AE3000, Audio-Technica AE5100

Hi-hats: Audio-Technica AE5100, Shure SM81

There's plenty of great mic options out there. Set your budget and then trust your ears.
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