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Originally Posted by brentcn View Post
If you already have a C414, get another one! The multiple modes and pickup patterns make it a great choice for live, since a tighter pickup pattern will reject other sources. For example, using a pair of 414s in hypercardioid will reject the sound from amps better than cardioid. They're also very good as tom mics, but you wouldn't want to risk them getting hit by a stick. You can try one mic in figure 8 mode, placed between the snare and kick. For recording, they'll work on anything -- acoustic guitar, piano, vocals. And a pair is great because you can get some good stereo setups happening, like Blumlein (both mics in figure 8 mode), which a recording studio might not have the equipment, or even the expertise, to do. A pair of multi-pattern condensers is a great investment.
Yea I love that mic, I got a good price on the one I have. I want to get another one, I just need to make sure i plan out my expenses because it ain't cheap and I have to buy other mics too. The reason I bought it is because it's so versatile, for vocals or drums or amps or really almost anything. I have heard them used on toms and I do think they are my favorite for the tom sound I'd like to get, would I be able to use them on toms in a live situation or would the bleed from the other instruments be too much? I am aware of the dangers of hitting them though, and it is something I'll have to seriously consider.
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