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Matt Bo Eder
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Recording, is a whole 'nother can of worms. With the idea that you have the option to do whatever you want, to get the sound you want, being tantamount. There are some basic ways to get started, of course, you just have to decide how you want to do it.

Yes, when Glyn Johns recorded Bonham, he says he only used three microphones. Turn that around and Steve Gadd would have everything mic'ed up. It's all dependent on how the engineer and producer want to do things.

I look at the learning process to recording, the same way you would look at the learning process of photography, or drumming. Start with less.

Although I have enough mic's for my entire kit, I try to get a really good recorded performance with one to three mics. As a sound engineer with Disneyland, when I mixed bands, I stuck with that three-mic set-up for a lot of things. Other times the venue wouldn't be conducive to that (for instance, being outside) so everything has to be close-mic'ed.

In a lot of cases, like in photography, if you can't get a decent sound one or two mics (akin to one or two lenses), then having more will just mess it up. I've done great recordings with a good large diaphragm condenser mic over the center of the kit, and a mic inside or just out side the bass drum. In fact, a lot of hit records were made with only two mics on the drumset too. So it depends on how you want to do your approach.

Technically, you just want to record a great-sounding set of drums, right? So, make your kit sound great, then just find a way to get that to translate on a recording. In your case, I would start with nice large diaphragm condenser, and a good solid dynamic mic for your bass drum. I have a AKG C214 I use as a mono overhead, and I just put a Shure SM58 in the bass drum. Those two get plugged into my Zoom H6 audio recorder, and I go from there. I also have enough Shure SM57's to cover all three toms and the snare drum as well, so I have that option.

What are you plugging into for your recording?
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