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So I have finally finished getting all the gear I want. I have a nice kit, a few snares, and a good collection of cymbals. But now I'd like to invest into drum mics for both studio and live playing situations. I want to explore all of the different techniques to mic the kit so I can choose the best one that fits my needs. I'm not too well educated with drum mics. The only mics I am really comfortable with is the bass drum mic setup, but I need help with toms and cymbals etc. I know the most common setup is a couple of overheads, bass mics, snare and tom mics. But didn't John bonham use a different kind of mic setup? Also in the film "the groove is here" by Steve Jorden he also uses a different kind of mic setup for the drums and its sounds pretty good, how is he doing that? Another question that I've had for a while is, if you use condenser mics on the toms do you really need overhead mics, because would the amount of cymbal bleed be enough? Like I said I don't know too much about mics so if you could help me by sharing your experiences, let me know what other guys do and give me suggestions and advice. Thanks
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