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Default Re: The drum shop no more...

Here in the greater St. Louis area, back through the early-mid 90's (when I initially started playing) we had a lot of choices:

St Charles Guitar Exchange
McMurray Music
Drum Headquarters which was THE mecca for drums in the area with 2 locations. I still have a bumper that reads, " HEN I'M RICH AND FAMOUS, I'LL STILL SHOP AT DRUM HEADQUARTERS!" (Needless to say, I never became rich, nor famous and now Drum HQ is closed anyway....)

Mars Music came into town and they were a HUGE building with tons of gear. The first chain store in the area but I liked them. Then Guitar Center moved in across the street and EVERYTHING closed down.

The only shining light is a small drum shop call Fred Pierce Studio Drum Shop (Bermuda knows the place.)
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