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Default Re: British Drum Company

Originally Posted by JohnoWorld View Post
Who cares? I now add you to that list for not being able to accept someone elses opinion.

I couldn't care less if he is part of the funding for BDC. Anyone who starts a new drum company in this climate is.......yep, you guessed it..... a dick.

But there are many other reasons for calling Al Murray a dick, starting a new drum company is not one of them, even though in this climate, it's a pretty good reason on it's own
Great ad hominem there, well done. I'm perfectly able to accept someone else's opinion, just asking why you think that someone who is prepared to do what he's done is a dick. Fine if you don't like his humour, but that's a personal opinion.

So your view is that no-one should set up a new drum company?
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