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Default Re: British Drum Company

Originally Posted by Tamaefx View Post
I didn't quite grasp al the fuzz around al Murray - I may not be British enough.
Still I really wish the best to this new company - Their lines are great, they didn't scattered in multiple lines. I especially like the Legend line, I'd just wish more colour choice, the one I see seems dull like hell. But craftmanship and hardware seem top notch and nicely designed.
The main problem is the distribution !
Would I want to buy one, I would neither know the price tag, nor where to get it !
- edit for better English sentences ;-) -
Al Murray is a UK comedian, whose best well known creation is a character called the Pub Landlord, who takes the mick out of all sorts of stereotypically old fashioned British views, eg his belief that women shouldn't drink beer, only wine or fruit based drinks.

He's also presented well regarded historical programmes about WWII, particularly the advance across Europe after D Day. Alongside all that he's a fairly competent drummer, which is how he came to be involved with BDC.

He's a very British comedian if that makes sense and I think his style of comedy wouldn't transfer well, even to the US.
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