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Default Re: Drummers Using a Metronome. A Helpful Questionnaire.

Originally Posted by toddbishop View Post
The joke's on them, the questions are usually so poorly formulated they can't be getting much meaningful information from them. They should hire a consultant, at very least to help write their survey.
That's the worst part, they're not asking the right questions, and/or not supplying sufficient response choices. I don't recall being able to answer any of these 'university' surveys in a completely accurate way.

But it's not limited to smart students... I just filled-out an online survey for a major drum magazine and it was hopelessly shortsighted on the questions and available responses, especially considering it's aimed at pros. I let them know that I couldn't accurately answer at least two of the questions, because the options weren't comprehensive enough.

Example: Q: Do you use your own drums in the studio? A: 1) Always, 2) Sometimes 3) Never. Obviously, there are other possible answers, but the options weren't given. As someone who brings my own gear to the studio 95% of the time, neither always or sometimes are accurate responses. If almost always and rarely had also been options, I would have been able to answer.

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